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The Cinema 5 is a mutli-channel amp where Cary Audio not only brought the sweet mid-range their tube amps are renown for into the home theater setup but also power, authoritative bass and loads of details. Dialogue was exceptionally clear and livelike. Action sequence was swiftly delivered with loads of impact. With this level of performance, adding a great HT processor and set of five speakers would totally bring about a cinematic experience into your room. Built quality is first class with a huge transformer inside delivering the high current needed to deliver the 5x200W in8 ohm or 5x350W in 4 ohm. The amp weighs a hefty 80 lbs unpacked. A note on how to tell if the amp is on – if the single blue LED above the power switch is lit, it is in standby mode. When that blue LED is off when you hit the on/off switch and the five blue LEDs are lit, the amp is on.

The Cinema 5 looks good with just minor scuff marks/nicks here and there. Local pickup up from our store preferred but if shipping is required, it will be securely double boxed for safe shipping.