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The CAD-805AE is a favorite among 845 and 211 tubes users because it allows the user to switch between 845 and 211 tubes in your musical playback. You just turn the knob between which tubes you want to listen to and you are all set. No swapping of tubes or having two different set of amps to hook up. If you can’t decide which tube sounds better, this is the perfect solution. You can A/B all night long to decide. The amp produces 50W in Class A so make sure you have a pair of efficient speakers paired up to them. And that is how you can then transform each listening session to a bewitching period of musical ecstasy. If you love the sound of 300Bs but want a bit more power and a bit more dynamics, these amps are perfect for you.

Cosmetically, the amps are in pretty good condition. Minor marks here and and there from use but nothing major. The amps are currently still at the customer’s house in Queens, New York. So local pickup preferred and if shipping is required, they will have to shipped strapped on a pallet.