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This subwoofer had some rave reviews on home theater magazines for its top notch built quality and nice clean bass sound. Its a ported design with a 12″ Cellulose Graphite driver that provides the LF from 20 Hz to 200 Hz (its upper cutoff frequency). On board amp will provide 200W to power up the driver and a slew of controls will allow you to make finer adjustments to match the sub to your speakers and room. Subwoofer has an interesting Room Compensation feature which has three pre-programmed modes – normal, wide and narrow that you can toggle with to find which mode works best for your room. Size of subwoofer is approx 14″ wide, 18″ deep and 24″ tall. Cabinet had good resonant control and the bass produced was clean and deep. Not exactly room shaking but more than adequate for most applications.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer looks good. Minor scuff marks from it being used as a DEMO before but nothing major. Subwoofer will be securely packed for safe shipping.