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This is a truly outstanding DAC for the money. It basically opened the window for many CD players or transport to experience 24/192 upsampling without costing an arm and leg. So if you have an “older” player that does not do upsampling, then you should try this in your system. With the DacMagic, its like giving your system a shot of adrenalin. Music was more lively and dynamic sounding. ┬áIts not going to make your CD player or transport morphed into a “reference” sounding unit but it sure does bring out details that were probably subdued before. It almost sound as good as our other “budget” DAC, the PS Audio DL III but for way less money! Lots of digital inputs and with the USB input, you can enjoy streamed music in high fidelity. Two pairs of output – RCA and XLR will ensure universal connectivity to any brand of preamp.

Cosmetically, it has some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Wall wart power supply included. For those living in 230V countries, you just need to change the wall wart power supply to a 230V unit.