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Cambridge Audio’s 751D Universal player is like an All-Star player that excels as a CD, SACD, DVD, DVD Audio and Blu-ray player. Not only does it play all these formats beautifully, it is also jam packed with lots of technology inside. For audio, it is fitted with five Wolfson 24-bit/ 192kHz DAC chips and uses Anagram Technologies’ upsampling circuitry. In their video department, it has a 148.5 MHz/12-bit video DAC and selectable resolution of 720p up to 1080p. There is also 7.1 channel preout that you could connect directly to an amp or AV receiver. This is just a small summary of the many features Cambridge Audio has built into this slim, but incredible unit. There are cheaper Blu-ray players out there or even DVD players but to find one that plays all the formats we mentioned above and do them in a manner that have your eyes and ears glued to it, is a tough find. We even had this playing along side EMM Labs five figure transport/DAC combo and to be honest, the Cambridge Audio unit didn’t sound all that far off. Of course the EMM Labs sounded much better, is way better built, but at more than ten times the price of the Cambridge unit, it is not ten times better. And the Cambridge Audio plays video discs which the EMM Labs combo does not! So if you are on a tight budget but want a taste of audio/video heaven, this unit could be your ticket.

Cosmetically, it has some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote and will have the unit securely packed for safe shipping.