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Owning this Azur 740C CD player/ DAC is like having two great piece of audio components for the price of one. Employing one of the best DAC in the market, the Wolfson WM8740 24-bit DAC (dual configuration), it made the Azur 740C one of the most technologically advanced CD player/DAC in the market for under $1500. It will upsample to 384Khz which is twice that of the regular 24/192 DAC. And it clearly shows when you sit down to listen to the player. Sound stage was live-like with incredible details. The kind of quality you would expect from players having five figures in their price tag.

The reason why we said earlier that owning this Azur 740C is like having two components for the price of one is because it also has two digital inputs where you can hook up two additional digital players and utilize its fabulous 24/384 DAC. This will ensure greater conformity in sound when you have two or more digital players in your system as they will all now run through the same DAC. The Azur 740C has lots of advance technical features built in and at under $500 now, this is an outstanding bargain!

Cosmetically, it has some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. One small scratch on the left side of the faceplate (just under the branding) and minor marks on the left side panel. Original remote, copy of manual and original box included.