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The 740A integrated amp was originally part of a “mid-range” system we had in the store where it was partnered with the matching 740C CD player/DAC. If an uncomplicated setup is what you need and offered great sound without breaking the bank, this combo is one of the best out there that accomplishes it. Partnered with a Mission 780 monitor speakers, the system was able to reproduce music with an incredible soundstage (for its collective price). And all this for a very affordable under $1,800 package. The 740A integrated amp is a fairly powerful unit with 100W per channel in 8 ohms and 150W in 4 ohms. It has six inputs and two sets of speaker outputs where you can bi-amp you speakers if you want to. Setup is very straightforward and easy. We only had to connect a pair of interconnects and a pair of speaker cables in our setup and within 15 mins, were able to enjoy wonderful music through it.

Built quality on the 740A is pretty good for the money. A sizeable transformer made up the bulk of the weight of the amp and the rear panel was smartly laid out for easy setup. Unlike much earlier Cambridge Audio units, the 740A has a more neutral, transparent sound. Its mids weren’t as rich as their earlier models but was warm, detailed and clean. Highs were smooth and had a nice roll off and the bass was deep without too much overbearing “boom” which some other integrated amps were designed to provide as if the designers wanted to show prospective buyers that their integrated amp had some “grunt” in them. The 740A has a more balanced approach and with the right pairing of source unit, speakers and room size, can be a very enriching experience.

Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote and the manual can be found online. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.