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The CXR120 AV receiver is not your “usual” AV receiver. Why? Because as part of their flagship range (range topper being the CXR200), it doesn’t even have Dolby Atmos built into it when almost every other AV receiver has it. Cambridge Audio justified this omission because they rather invest into technology and parts that improve the sound instead and for that, we have to give it to them. The CXR120 is indeed a very musical piece. It fooled many when we audition it in our room into thinking they were listening to a Cambridge Audio integrated or pre/power combo. The common comment was “it was too musical” to have come from an AV receiver. And indeed it was. There was a natural smoothness that we almost never hear from an AV receiver where a lot of the emphasis or over emphasis, is on delivering lots of “noise” into the soundtrack. The CXR120 was polite in its manner of delivery. It still got our pulses pumping when watching an action movie but delivered in a tuxedo dressed waiter. The front fascia is clean and simple. No crazy amount of buttons and drop down drawers that hide even more buttons. It may take a bit of intuition to work out all the functions within its limited buttons but once you understand its rationale, its all good to go.

Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape except the back panel where there are scratches around the HDMI ports. We have the original remote and the manual can be found online. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.