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This is such a simple phono preamp to use where a push button is all you need to select between a MM or MC. There is no need to select the impedance, gain etc when you are using a MC cartridge because at $300, Cambridge Audio has done all that for you. Gain is set at 39 dB for MM and 60 dB for MC while the impedance is set for 47 kOhm and 100 Ohm respectively. Nominal output is 300mV and 3.35mV (MM) 305uV (MC). Naturally this “fixed” settings and low price tag is geared for the budget audiophile who wants to enjoy the analog wonders of a sub-$1,500 turntable/cartridge combo without over spending on a phono preamp that would have the “premium” frills the affordable turntable combo would not exploit. We hooked this up to our Musical Fidelity Roundtable turntable and a Audio Technica MM cartridge and music took on a nice clean presentation that any budget vinyl audiophile would appreciate. It even has a headphone output on the front faceplate where you can enjoy vinyl in privacy if speakers are out of the question. This is, in our opinion, easily one of the best buy out there in terms of features and sound for under $500.

Cosmetically, it has some minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.