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At $1,500, the Cain & Cain Abby’s are ridiculous value for the kind of workmanship you are getting and more importantly, the sound it reproduces. Yes, there many other choices at this price bracket but if you want a very power amp friendly pair of speakers that has a magical seamless integration across its 40 Hz – 20 KHz frequency range, the Abby is at the top if its game. With a 95dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm, the speakers could be driven with as low as 15W and it will produce a musical scale worthy of speakers costing twice as much. This is the version which uses the Fostex FE-166E driver which throws out a bigger soundstage and meant for use in medium and larger rooms. They have another version which was meant for rooms that are 12′ x 12′ but we managed to get excellent result with this pair in one of our rooms that measure 14′ by 16′. As you would imagine with a single full range driver, the focal point of the imaging was well centered with a resplendent soundstage. Depth was very impressive given its simple or almost non-existent “engineering” inside (it has no crossovers) if you give the speakers some space from the back and side walls. Vocals were particularly lush and rich with a nice tad of warmth (tube amps bring out the best with these speakers or a warm sounding solid state amp). A much larger than typical bass port in the front does add some sturdy bottom end but if you want rock bottom bass, a subwoofer is needed. The speaker measures 13.5″ by 13.5″ on the base and stands 68.5″ tall. For the price of a typical mid-range monitor speakers and stands now, the Abby is a worthy alternative to the more conventional monitor and stands setup. The speakers are in good condition. Some minor scuff marks here and there and a spot of discoloration on the side of one speaker. Pickup is strongly encouraged but if shipping is required, freight would be the recommended choice where they will be strapped on a pallet for safe arrival.