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This is an excellent opportunity to own Revolver Audio’s flagship speakers at mid-fi prices. The design takes some getting used to (at least for us) but its a true three way design. The bass driver is a 10″ unit with a 5.25″ mid-woofer and a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter. Speakers are very tube friendly with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 91 dB. Frequency response is 30 Hz to 30 KHz and recommended power is 15W to 300W.  We drove them with a pair of Rogue Audio M-120 monoblocks with excellent results after some careful positioning in our larger sound room. If you have listened to Revolver Audio’s earlier “era” speakers, you would fondly enjoy their flagship Cygnis. There was the same richly textured mid-range, better transparency, smoother and more detailed highs and a more pulsating bottom end. Size and depth of soundstage was dependent on how they are placed in your room and interaction with the rear and side walls. But when you have them in their optimum positions, they are superbly musical. We had them at about 7 feet apart and 4 feet off the rear and side walls and that seem to be the optimum setting in our 22′ by 15′ room. Each speaker is approximately 40″ tall, 12″ wide and 16″ deep and weighs just under 80lbs.

The speakers are in good condition. Some scuff marks and a few tiny nicks here and there common with use. One of the top grille cover has a worn out spot from the metal frame poking through that spot but other three grille covers looks fine with a few small spots of wear. Speaker tweeters have minor wrinkles but works perfectly. Original heavy duty spikes included. Pickup is strongly encouraged but if shipping is required, freight would be the recommended choice where they will be strapped on a pallet for safe arrival.