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If the earlier Speaker Bullets were an “ear” opener, these latest speaker bullets from Jack Bybee will take you up a whole new level. Transient response was smoother and cleaner. There was an added level of “drama” on the soundstaging bringing a certain realism to the listening experience. The older speaker bullets were impressive enough so for Jack Bybee to come up with something even better, it is nothing short of a miracle. The newer design you see here is a bit more sturdy on the banana plug end with a centrifugal rod that goes through in the center. This has led to improved strength where it was an issue before when heavy speaker cables are used. Not perfect (as you can see, there is still some “bending” due to the weight and pressure from a heavy speaker cable) but much improved.

This is a VERY RARE offering. Occasionally, you see the older speaker bullets pop up but never the latest current version you see here.

Cosmetically, the bullets look good. The usual “bending” at and around the banana plugs and five-way binding posts due to heavy speaker cables being used but this is a common issue (At this level of expense, most users have stellar speaker setups and big, expensive speaker cables).