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The Bybee AC Adapter is where you bring Bybee’s latest Crystal AC Purifiers to your components. It plugs in directly to your component and you plug your AC cord to the back of the AC Adapter. The AC Adapter acts like dedicated one on one power conditioner with the component it is plugged into. This is as close as you can get by bringing the benefits of Bybee’s power conditioning technology to your component. Each AC Adapter is 15″ long so you will need to factor in some space behind your component to accommodate it. It is not current limiting so it can be used on power amps too (which we have found to reap the greatest benefit). The IEC plug is a Gaofei rhodium copper plug with a carbon fiber body.

The listing and price is for one but we have two available. They were previous dealer demos and were used with a pair of Audio Research monoblocks. Cosmetically, it has minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Each AC Adapter will be securely pack for safe shipping.