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Perhaps the nicest looking finish within the range, the Mocha Gloss gives the diminutive speaker a classy appearance that is befitting its $2,800 asking price. The PM1 is not your run of the mill budget or even mid-range monitor speaker. These speakers have a reference sound standard that will easily appeal to many audiophiles searching for the best sounding monitor speaker. Even our legendary Acoustic Energy AE1 was no match to the PM1’s dynamic ability, soundstage and depth. They do need a heavy duty, well damped stand to sound its best though. Once you have them sitting securely on a pair, you can kick back and just relish the speaker’s pulsating music reproduction. The trickle down features from its more expensive family members like the Nautilus tube loaded tweeter and kevlar bass/midrange driver are one of the best drivers found in any speakers. Frequency response is 48Hz to 22KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 84dB. Recommended amplifier power is 30W or more.

We don’t have the original box but as you can see from the pictures, the speakersĀ are in very good condition. They will be securely packed for safe arrival. Contact us for speaker stands option.