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This is one of B&W’s more affordable center channel speaker. Offering a very dynamic and punchy delivery, the HTM62 is a great addition to the more modest home theater user on a budget. As with any B&W speaker, it is well made and uses the kevlar based drivers that are found in their other more expensive lineup. It is not a large center channel speaker – 17″ wide, 7″ tall and 12″ deep  and is best suited to a screen size 55″ or smaller.  Frequency response is a more than adequate 55Hz to 22KHz with a nominal impedance of eight ohm and a sensitivity of 85dB. Recommended power is a minimum of 25W but the speaker really relishes more power and it sounds vastly different when driven by a 200W amp versus a 25W.

As you can see from the pictures, the speaker is in very good condition. No dings or dents and just very minor signs of use. We have the original box and jumpers. Manual is available online. This is a truly World Class “budget” center channel speaker that will bring your home theater experience to a whole new level.