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The HTM2 D3 center channel speaker is one of two center channel speaker in B&W’s 800 series. Its the next best thing after the HTM1 D3 which is a bigger speaker with slightly larger drivers. In most cases, the HTM2 D3 is on par with the HTM1 D3 except when in much larger rooms and much louder volumes. The HTM2 D3 is a 3-way speaker with a 1″ Diamond tweeter, one 5″ Continuum Cone FST mid woofer and two 6.5″ Aerofoil Cone woofers. Frequency range is 33 Hz to 35 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 90 dB. Driving the speaker was pretty easy but B&W recommends an amp output of 50W and more which we concur. We tried both 50W and 150W and the bigger amp was our choice. The bass was more resounding with the mids and highs having a more visceral presence and the overall soundstage a more beefier definition.

As you can see from the pictures, the speaker is in very good condition. No dings or dents and just very minor signs of use. We have the original box, jumpers and other accessories. Finish is the more expensive gloss black. This is a truly World Class center channel speaker that will bring your home theater experience to a whole new level.