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Compared to the original HTM1, the HTM1 D3 is like heaven sent. At just nearly 70 lbs, it weighs about 1/3 the original HTM1 which was ridiculously big and heavy. And what is even better, the HTM1 D3 is better looking, has nicer finishing touches (in our opinion) and arguably, better sounding. The original HTM1 may have three 8″ Rohacell drivers that delivers bass down to 38 Hz, but the D3 with two Aerofoil cone bass drivers delivers bass at 20 Hz. That is an outstanding feat with improved technology. The highs through its improved Diamond tweeter extends all the way to 35 KHz versus 28 KHz in the original HTM1. Sensitivity is at 91 dB with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm. Recommended power is 50W to 500W.

The D3 version is a much improved sounding center speaker over the original HTM1. The original may have been ground breaking in its day but the D3 highlighted the vast improvement B&W has made to the original. Its silky smooth delivery, crystal clear clarity and dynamic punch in the lower mids and bass clearly shows it is the better center speaker for the more challenging soundtracks of today’s movies. Speaker is about 34″ wide and 13″ deep and tall.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks great. Minor signs of use but it is clearly evident the speaker has been very cared for. We have the original box, manual and jumpers.