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If you have fond memories of how the hifi industry was in the Eighties and how British gears, especially B&W speakers have lighted up many households with wonderful music, then the DM-14 speakers you see here could be the tool that take you back in time.

B&W described the DM-14 as floorstanders when they first launch these speakers but its actually a fairly large bookshelf speaker on stands (which was designed to be an integral part of the speaker’s performance). The speaker is a two way, three driver unit with a 1″ tweeter and two 6″ woofers. They are good for a frequency range of 80Hz to 20KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 86 dB. B&W recommends a minimum of 15W to drive them but we encourage feeding them with more, like around 100W to extract out the best from them. Each speaker is about 22″ tall, 10″ wide and 12″ deep which is fairly typical with larger size bookshelf speakers. With the stands, the total height would be 32″. Speakers are sealed but some space off the rear and side wall would be beneficial in shaping the soundstage. The DM-14 is a very easy sounding speaker. Its not a rock genre speaker but with vocals and jazz, its outstanding. Bass is plentiful and sounded deeper than its 80Hz rating and the mids are rich and nicely textured with smooth highs. They are not clinically detailed speakers like many newer speakers but they are high on enjoyability.

Cosmetically, the speakers look really good for their vintage. Some minor scuff marks common with use and a few nicks here and there but nothing major. The speakers had one owner since new and does appear to be well cared for. They will be shipped in three boxes where the stands will be removed and boxed together in one box while the speakers will be shipped in two boxes.