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This is the stereo pair to the CT8.2 LCR center speaker we also have for sale in a separate listing. The B&W CT8.2 LCR speaker is a rather rare commodity. They are mostly found in high end customized home theater systems/room or like in this case, was previously in a sound mixing studio (we also have another two pairs that were setup as the main front left and right and a pair for the surrounds for sale). To some extend, the CT8.2 is the distant cousin to the fantastic 802 Diamonds. The main difference is the tweeter make up. On the 802 Diamond, it uses a diamond tweeter whereas the CT8.2 uses a tube loaded aluminum tweeter. A 6″ kevlar mid-range driver and two 8″ paper/kevlar bass drivers makes up the rest of the driver setup on the CT8.2. Dimensions of the speaker are 39.5″ wide, 13″ tall and 12″ deep. Unlike the 800 series speakers, the CT8.2 has a rubberized finish on the outside which gives it this “serious” professional look/feel to it. Which is supported by the Speakon connector on the rear panel in addition to its speaker wire binding posts. Frequency range on the speaker is an impressive 39Hz – 24 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 91dB. Recommended minimum power to drive them is 50W and more.

Sonically, the CT8.2 is a pretty neutral sounding speaker. Very accurate and detailed with only a slight hint of coloration. When we setup the CT8.2 as a stereo pair and had it side by side with the 802 Diamond, the CT8.2 sounded really close to the 802 Diamond but less colored. The highs were not as sharp at the extreme end of the frequency (the 802 Diamonds go much higher) but had the same smooth roll off. Bass and mid-range was plentiful, rich and tight (the 802 Diamond had a slight fuller bottom end). If your listening priority is accuracy, the CT8.2 is really good at that. And in a full 5.1 setup (with the addition of a subwoofer), you would be listening in a setup that would rival any cinematic experience.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Some scuff marks here and there on the rubberized surface (mainly on the top side, not visible unless standing over it) from being setup in a studio but doesn’t look that bad. We have the original boxes and speakers will have to ship freight due to their size and weight. Speakers have sequential serial numbers.