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These speakers are where the trickle down effect has brought down benefits from its higher end models without raising the prices too much. The CM10 does cost $1,000 more than the CM9 model but is much cheaper than the 803 Diamond speakers which it sounds closest to, It may not have the large scale and depth that we heard from the 803 Diamonds but it was close enough and when used in a small to medium size room, may sound on par with it. The highs were nicely mated to the slightly punchy mid-range and backed up by tight bass notes. Bass was not particularly deep or voluminous but it was very punchy and tight. In the right room size, it can give the impression that it sounded deeper that it is rated for. Careful positioning is also a major contributor to how good they can sound. They can create one of the best soundstage found on any speakers costing up to $8,000. Just remember to keep them slightly forward from the rear wall to allow the rear port to breathe some depth to the soundstage.

These speakers were former demos. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major . We have the original boxes, grille covers, base plates and footers. They are shipped in two boxes. Pickup at our store is welcomed.