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This is one of the greatest monitor speakers of all time. The original CDM1 was a huge volume seller for B&W and almost every audiophile remembers fondly how wonderful they sounded. The CDM1 SE you see here will not disappoint. Beautifully made with first class cabinetry, the CDM1 SE not only looks good but sounds good too. The compact monitor speakers can deliver a decent amount of bass (as long as it is fed with a quality power amp) and a very rich sounding mid-range. Upper highs are not piercingly sharp even though it uses an alloy dome tweeter so if you have a fondness for sharp details, the CDM1 SE may be slightly lacking in that area. But otherwise, the speakers are nicely balanced and skewed towards a warmer sound. For a monitor speaker of this size, presentation was impressive with a nice scale and depth. A good pair of sturdy stands, 20-24″ tall is mandatory for them to sound its best. Strongly recommended by Stereophile magazine.

As you can see from the pictures, the speakers are in very good condition. Very minor scuff marks here and there. We don’t have the jumpers as the previous owner bi-wired the speakers. Original box included. Red Ash finish is just gorgeous!