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When B&W launched this speaker, it quickly became one of the best deals in the under $3,000 speaker category. For just a bargain basement price of $2,000, you get a well built 2 1/2 way floorstander that utilizes their signature kevlar based mid-woofer and bass driver and alloy dome tweeter. The two 6.5″ woofers delivers a substantial amount of bass energy (relative to its size of course) and one of the cleanest sounding mids found on any speaker. Frequency response is 40 Hz to 20 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 90dB. B&W recommends at least 50W to drive these speakers. The speakers have amazing clarity and loads of detail. Every musical nuances was clearly projected in a nicely opened soundstage. The highs were precise and offered lots of tiny details that other lesser speakers seem to just “go over”. We prefer to match tube poweramps or warmer sounding solid state amps to balance out the clinical precision of these speakers but you may prefer their highly revealing nature so clearly, some experimentation with types of amps used is strongly recommended.

As you can see from the pictures, the speakersĀ are in good condition. Very minor scuff marks here and there and a few minor nicks and a corner ding (see pics) typical from use. We don’t have the original boxes but can securely pack them for safe shipping. The speakers will be shipped in two boxes so you will need to factor shipping cost by two.