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The ASW 700 subwoofer is a fairly compact (13″ x 13″ x 16″) subwoofer. It has an onboard 500W amplifier powering its 10″ kevlar composite woofer. Bass response is 22Hz to 11oHz which will allow seamless integration with any speakers. Being that it is a sealed box design, it can be placed near or away from a wall or corner. Of course, leaving it in a corner can add some bottom end “oomph” which the B&W was clearly capable of doing.

We had this paired with several different monitor speakers and it was easy and quick to get it assimilated with the speakers. Using it in our home theater system was where it showed some of its bass energy kudos. Although it was slightly “out gunned” by our JL Audio’s f110 subwoofer, the B&W was more than adequate in most applications and cost lesser which you means you would have more pocket change to spend it on a good pair of interconnects to hook the B&W up to your system. Subwoofer is rated for 100-240V use so it can be used anywhere in the World!

Cosmetically, the subwoofer is in good¬†condition. Some scuff marks and a few small dings. The badge on the grille cover was probably re-glued back too generously so that are some glue residue around the badge. Cover is fine but probably needs a good cleaning.¬†We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.