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The AS1 is an amazingly affordable active subwoofer from the top end brand, B&W. Of course at $250 MSRP, you have to manage your expectations. It doesn’t have a big woofer driver (its only 6.5″), has 85W power output and simple controls. And by simple, there is only a volume level knob, a power on/off button and a switch to alternate between “music” or “movie” listening mode. This simplicity is not without merits though. Its compact size, medium sized woofer, simple adjustment does make this subwoofer very easy to assimilate into any system and room (preferably small to medium size). And it actually does sound very good and effective in such a setup. When we paired with our small Mission MS-5 monitor speakers, the AS1 did add some deep end to an otherwise “weak” bass energy from the MS-5 and transforming them into a pseudo “three way speaker”. All we needed to do was just adjust the bass level on the AS1 to balance it out with the MS-5s. The AS1 is rated to operate between 27Hz – 100Hz. That is a pretty impressive number when you consider it only sells for $250. No wonder it has garnered many positive reviews.

Cosmetically, the AS1 looks good. Some scuff marks here and there but it doesn’t look all that bad. The subwoofer was part of a B&W setup at a dealer’s showroom where it was paired with a pair of FPM-4 speakers (also for sale in a separate listing). We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.