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The 804 Diamond is the “baby” under the award winning 800 Series range of speakers. Being the “baby” of the range, the speakers are more affordable, much easier to manage (they are lighter and smaller) and more room accommodating (unless you have a large room which you will probably need to look at the 803 Diamond and up). Sonically, the 804 Diamond doesn’t give up much over its next size up family member, the 803 Diamond. ┬áBass was slightly deeper in the 803 Diamond but in the small and medium size room that the 804 Diamond was meant to be in, the 803 Diamond can be a bit overwhelming. But in the right size room and with good quality components, the 804 Diamond will shine easily. Positioned correctly, the speakers will interact with the room and provide a very well placed soundstage, with good depth and a balanced presentation. Bass was tight and fast. The mids were a bit neutral but when you have a warm sounding amp, they will complement nicely. The Diamond tweeter, needless to say, is one of the best out there for reproducing high notes. Built quality is first class and several notches above the earlier 804D it replaced. The speakers are Stereophile recommended.

The pair you see here were former dealer demos. Very minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Almost like new unless you are excessively picky. Original boxes, manual and accessories included.