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The 802Ds are second from the top in a series that has won Worldwide acclaim. Stereophile Magazine even labelled them as speakers on the cutting edge of technology and they are clearly evident so by just looking at their physically imposing statue. For many owners of the 802Ds, these are the best compromise model in the “real” World listening environment (where most room sizes are medium and the hifi system cost in the region of $10-20,000). The 800Ds need a large room and top notch components to sound their best while the 803D doesn’t have that forceful impact that the 802Ds deliver. Speakers are very easy to drive with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 90dB. B&W does recommend a minimum power output of 50W and up to 500W if possible. We drove them with our Pass Labs XA100s with glorious result. Music seems to “jump” out from these speakers and on to your room when we put it through its paces. Unlike some speakers where the soundstage is “conservatively” presented, the 802DS are not shy in displaying its prowess.

If you are looking for a pair of reference sounding speakers and don’t want to spend a five figure amount, the 802Ds may just be what you are looking for.¬†Cosmetically, these speakers are in very good condition. Just minor signs of use and a few scuff marks and minor cabinet chips and a tiny chip on one of the midrange ball housing.¬†We don’t have the original boxes but will have them strapped on a pallet for shipping. Finish is rosenut. Local pickup is welcomed.