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This is one CD player that doesn’t sound anything like a digital playback unit. It is so superbly analog sounding you would almost think you were listening to a well heeled and high price vinyl playback system. Clearly, the engineering that went behind it is first class. Music extraction was extraordinary with details that were missed out by lesser players being heard on the Burmester. It was definitely more smoother sounding than the Esoteric P-03/D-03 combo (in a separate listing) and softer on the edges. The Esoteric is sharper sounding. So depending on the rest of your setup, either one of these players will do great justice. It all boils down to what and how you want it to sound. If you are looking for a machine that pulls your emotions in a gentle manner, go for the Burmester but if you want to be pulled in a rush, go for the Esoteric. You won’t go wrong either way.

$14,000 is a lot of money to spend on a CD player. But the Burmester is not just a CD player. It is also a digital preamp for four other digital components via its digital inputs. So if you system is only digital only system, you could have just the 001 CD player as the front end and control center for your system, removing the need for a preamp. And at $5995, a price that is far lower than Audiogon’s Bluebook, it is a high end bargain. Unit is in fantastic condition. Big size, metal remote is included with its original box and manual. We will double box this for safe arrival.