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The 922 Rondo CD player is the “entry” level player into one of Germany’s most premier hifi brand – Burmester. For a “measly” $2,000 now, this is the most affordable ticket into the brand where five figure price tag equipment is more common than under $10,000 hifi gears. It may not have the over the top built quality as some of its more expensive CD players but it definitely shared very similar DNAs with its expensive siblings. Its performance is not at the so called “reference” level but it easily placed itself high within the mid-range category. It had a bit more sparkle when compared to a similarly priced Meridian G08 CD player (that we also have for sale) and depending on the rest of the system it will be placed in, can sound better. It all boils down to what you want. Warmth and smoothness – go for the Meridian. Better transparency and cleaner details – the 922 Rondo. Either which way you choose, they both make excellent mid-fi CD players. But if you want to build a complete same brand system, we have the matching 935 preamp and 933 poweramp for a complete Burmester setup. See our other listing for those two pieces. The Rondo 922 CD player just came back from the service center with a BRAND NEW laser assembly (cost us nearly $1,000) so it will be good for the next 12-15 years!

Cosmetically, the player is in pretty nice condition. The chrome fascia is nice and clean with just minor scuff around the casing that are common with use. Original remote is included and the unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.