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This 970 DAC was the partnering piece to the 969 CD transport we have for sale in a separate listing. One owner since new, this $58,000 combo was the reference setup that the former owner could never replace even with newer offerings that came along. And that is not surprising to us too. The combo is all about getting the music back to its organic base. No hoopla or over reliance on high tech to dissect the digital signal and transform it to music. Just plain good old engineering. The 970 DAC is a two piece setup with the all critical power supply housed in a separate chassis on its own. The sensitive DAC and digital/analog boards are housed in the main chassis, which is built like a tank and with its volume control feature, can also be used as a digital preamp. If you want simplicity and purity, the 970 hooked up to a power ampĀ  is as simple and pure as it can get. The volume function on the 970 is good news for the audiophile who only has digital sources in the system but if you have analog sources and want a more “dedicated” designed volume pot, you would need a preamp.

Listening to the 970 is like getting yourself placed right in the heart of the music. Its thoroughly revealing, soundstage had a grand appearance, imaging was solidly pin pointed and it was as analog sounding as some of the best turntables out there. The Stereophile reviewer even concluded that “it was the finest sounding DAC I have used to date”. At nearly $30,000 when new, it was beyond the reach of most except the well heeled. But at more than 70% off its MSRP, it is well within the price bracket of “budget” priced reference DACs. If ever there is a DAC that is going to rock the boat in this category, the 970 is that upstart.

Cosmetically, the DAC is in pretty nice condition. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The top cover on the power supply has some light scratches but not is noticeable when it is siting inside a rack. The 970 has had one owner since new and was part of an all Burmester system that cost more than $170,000. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.