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You would be forgiven if you didn’t think this was a Burmester piece at your first glance. But it is and at its $6,000 MSRP (a bargain by Burmester’s standard where their DACs easily reach into five figure territories) is no “run of the mill” DAC. It has the usual trio of digital inputs – coaxial, toslink and USB with a pair of toslink and coaxial digital outputs. The unit is also Bluetooth capable which will allow you to stream music through it. This is a very handy feature where streaming music is all the rage now. Analogue outputs is either RCA or XLR. Sampling frequency is selectable between 48, 96 and 192 KHz via a push button selector switch on the front.

This DAC is a bold sounding unit. Very vibrant, rhythmically exciting unit. Definition is really good with clean cut lines and beautifully layered presentation. This is not your warm, cozy and smooth DAC. This is what you should get if your want to “jive” up your system. Don’t let the small footprint size fool you, its a mini dynamo of a DAC.

Cosmetically, the DAC is in pretty nice condition. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original packaging, literature and accessories and will be securely packed for safe shipping.