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This is Burmester’s current flagship preamp and have been the reference preamp for many top end systems over the years. That alone is a big testament to how well it has endured at the top with many new challengers that have come along but failed to topple its crown. Entirely hand built, the Burmester is a solidly built preamp with expansion options to the hilt. The previous owner of this preamp had a full Burmester system and ran the 969 CD transport/ 970 DAC and 909 MK.IIIa. As such, it has two line inputs currently but you can add more line inputs (up to seven line inputs) and a phono stage (available in MM or MC) if you prefer or plan to expand down the road. They are all “modularized” so you just need to get the modules you want and plucked it in to the available slots. Sonically, this preamp in the right setup, can leave you breathless or sorely disappointed. With the latter, this is because it is such a revealing preamp that anything less to par with it, the 808 is just going to reveal all the shortcomings of the system in full glory. But matched with similar like minded reference gears and the 808 is the capable driver of an “exotic” system – like the system it was in before.

Unit is in pretty good condition. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The base platform has a few fine scratches but won’t be noticeable once the control unit sits on top of it. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Due to its weight and size, it will have to be shipped in two boxes – the main control unit in one and the power supply and aluminum base platform in the other. Local pickup from our store preferred.