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In terms of a phono bargain, the BP-1 is one of the best buy out there. There may be competing brands out there for the same money but for built quality, brand heritage, top notch sound quality and XLR outputs, the BP-1 is really unbeatable value for $350 now. DIP switches inside allows for finer capacitance loading based on the cartridge you are using. Compared to the Jolida JD-9 that we just sold, the Bryston has better definition, quieter background and with XLR outputs, really take the sound of vinyl a notch higher. The Jolida may sound warmer with its tubes and is easier to operate its DIP switches (since they are mounted on the back of the Jolida versus inside on the Bryston) but we prefer definition and a quieter background over warmth. You may have a different preference so it all boils down to choice and budget.

Cosmetically, the phono preamp looks good. Just minor scuff marks/nicks here and there that are common with use. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping safe shipping.