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The BDA-1 may have been Bryston’s first DAC but what a knock out punch it delivered both in terms of sound and value (Non-Signature Edition was $2,000 MSRP). The Upgrade Company then offered the Signature Edition which was a further 18 point enhancement to the already stunning DAC. You can read up more about the 18 point enhancements on their website. But in terms of sound improvement, it was worth the extra $700. Soundstage was wider and deeper with better definition. We had it playing side by side with our dCS Debussy (which is a $11,500 DAC) and it was a David vs Goliath battle. Except Goliath did win in our comparison but, not much. The Debussy was definitely the more musical DAC. Better refinement and a more luxurious texture to the overall music presentation. It is also a DAC that costs more than four times as much. If your budget extends to the Debussy and want nothing but one of the best out there, then look no further than the Debussy. But if you want something affordable and yet will not shy away from challenging DACs that cost many times more than itself, then the Bryston is the underdog champ. Wide range of digital input options (USB included) make this a very useful DAC. It has both XLR and RCA analog out.

Cosmetically, the DAC looks very good. Just minor signs of use. We have the original box and will double box it for safe shipping.