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The BCD-1 was a highly raved CD player when Bryston first launched it. It may look innocuous with its slim profile, small display and minimal buttons in the front but once you place your CD in it, you would be grandly treated to a musical presentation that sounds richer than its $2,700 price tag. Compared to some heavy weights from SONY or DENON, it may not have the battleship built quality of their $3,000 CD players but it makes up with a carefully crafted player that eeks out a bit more musicality that similar priced units from those other brands. The secret sauce behind it is the design and the sum of parts used. Using a Philips L1210 CD transport, which is renown for its reliability, Bryston than had the digital signal run into a 24-bit delta-sigma Crystal CS4398 DAC chip. The signal is then upsampled to 192kHz with reduced jitter and distortion from re-engineered circuitry and the use of better power supplied for both the digital and analog sections. The result – a nice clean sound with outstanding clarity. Its definitely less neutral sounding from a similarly spec SONY or Denon player but adds a bit of warmth and has a softer edge in terms of detail retrieval. If absolute transparency and detail are priorities, the SONY and Denon are good bets. But if you want a musical player that tries to balance out the bass, the mids and the highs, the BCD-1 is an interesting alternative. The BCD-1 has also been paired with their $2,700 BDA-1 DAC for a under $6,000 transport/DAC combo that have been giving combos costing up to $10,000 a good run for their money.

Cosmetically, the CD player looks good. Minor scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. We have the original box and will double box it for safe shipping.