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This is a power amp that is unmatched for sound quality, price and built quality. The slim profile hides a 60W power output that mothballs into 100W in 4 ohms and 200W when use in mono mode. If you think all 60W amps sound alike, take a listen to this Bryston and your opinion will change. The Bryston has a very deep resolving sound. Music took on an imaging that is full bodied with great depth and detail. In fact, it hardly sounded like a 60W amp with its amazing ability to drive some pretty large speakers we have in the store. When used as monoblocks, it drove a pair of Maggies beautifully. No hint of under power. The amp has gone through the years in various iteration and is still a current lineup in Bryston’s staples of amps as the 2B LP PRO which retails for $2,150!

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Just minor scuff marks here and there and a few scratches on the top cover from being mounted in a rack. There is some sticker residue on the faceplate from a label that the previous owner pasted on to identify which room it was powering the speakers but its barely visible when you are a foot or more away. He had a total of nine such amps driving his whole house! Heat sinks are prefect, no dings or bent fins. We don’t have the original box or manual but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Serial # 212363.