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The 3001 Cantoria center speaker you see here is a “modest” version of the¬†BV HE5001 Veduta that we sold earlier. Unlike the Veduta, the Cantoria only uses a single 1.25″ tweeter and one 4.25″ woofer in the same Round Stream Technology where the drivers are firing at each other (the tweeter is mounted facing down on a upward facing woofer). This is to create that 360 omnidirectional sound that their speakers were known for. As you can see from the pictures, the speaker is devoid of any side walls so the sound waves travel out in all direction. As such, it does need a bit more space from the back wall than your typical conventional center speaker. Bass impact is on the lighter side and will need to be paired to a subwoofer if you like your center channel with deep bass. Speaker binding post is fairly large so it will accommodate the largest spades. It will accept bananas too. Speaker is also pretty big at 22″ wide 16.5″ tall and 11″ deep. Frequency response is 48 Hz to 20 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 87dB. When used together with other matching Bolzano (we have other left/right Bolzano speakers for sale in separate listings) speakers, the front soundstage takes on a very full and encompassing presentation. The flow of sound from left to right and vice versa was seamless and had no “holes” in between the speakers. If you plan to use just the Cantoria on its own, you still get to enjoy that omnidirectional sound but just on a smaller scale. It can actually also be used on its own to just pipe music into a room! Built and finish is luxurious with furniture grade finish and to top off its $4,500 MSRP, it travels in its own flight case.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. A few tiny holes in the grille covers and minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Speaker will be shipped in its original flight case.