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The BC6000 is not just your typical power conditioner and surge protector. It is lined up with special filters inside to eliminate any noise that the electrical current may produce or carry into your component and thus, affects the “purity” of the music signal. By eliminating this noise, it gives the background a darker black and allows the music to flow through “un-polluted” by these noise. The BC6000 has six outlets with a 20A current capability and a maximum power handling of 2400W. If you need more than six outlets, you can increase it by adding another BC6000 or any other Blue Circle power conditioners by connecting the second unit to its Neutrik Powercon connector (the one that is white in color) in the rear panel. But this reduces the current capacity of each outlet to 15A when you expand it beyond six outlets. To us, six is more than sufficient in most setup. The effectiveness of the BC6000 has wowed many users and reviewers alike where some have even concluded this is the best power conditioner out there. The previous owner agreed and upgraded the supplied BC62 power cord with a beefier Shunyata King Cobra that cost $3,500. And he said that further improved the filtering might of the BC6000.

Cosmetically, the unit is in fair shape. This is the plexiglass faceplate version so that is the usual polishing swirl marks on the faceplate and some light scratches on the top cover which you could enhanced with a bit of spray paint. Unit stays active once the AC cord is plugged in as there is no on/off switch (it generates no heat for those who are concern about it being on 24/7). We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.