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The V30 Blackline tube integrated audio system is a compact and stylish looking 3-piece system. It comprises a pair of speakers and a tube integrated amp with a healthy 20W output per channel. The integrated amp uses two 6N1 and one 6e2 tubes. The 6e2 has a “decorative” feature where the green lighted filter flashes up and down with the music signal. A little bit too gizmo but it adds to the “fun” factor of the overall package.

Musically, the V30 is a very impressive setup. The rather small speakers (and light) sounded surprisingly good. The mids and highs were clearly expressed with good imaging. Bass was on the lighter side but well within expectation of something this small. So if you do a lot of listening on your desk or have a small room and just don’t have the space to fit in a rack and speakers, the V30 is a very good alternative. All it needs is a shelf two feet and it will happily produce music from there. Inputs include a line (RCA) in, USB and mini-pin and a headphone out.

The set you see here was a former dealer demo set. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original box, accessories and remote.