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Could this be the best integrated hybrid stereo amp?

At more than $18,000, it had better be! But this is what we think of the amp. It is a very good sounding integrated amp. The amplifier’s 100% tube gain without any feedback may have been the major contributor to how it sounded. It had a nice warmth and frequency extremities were detailed and precise with the bass, deep but not overly tight. Our current favorite is the Audio Research VSi60 which was warmer and had a more forward soundstage but does not have the power ability of the BFA Tulip. The BFA Tulip was well up to the task in driving a pair of Magnepans MG3.5R, Aerial Acoustics 20T and the Hansen Audio Prince V2. At louder volumes, it clearly distinguishes itself from the Audio Research with its power ability and its scale of music presentation. Built was first class with solid construction with high end parts used throughout. Even the remote was a nice weighted aluminum piece. An interesting addition was its USB DAC so it is ready for non-CD based music source. All other inputs are line only.

So at more than $18,000 MSRP, you would need deep pockets to own this. But at more than 70% off MSRP, it is a clear best buy if you are looking for an integrated amp that will thrash any pre/power combo in the under $8,000 range. We don’t have the original crate but will securely pack this for safe arrival. There are some scuff marks here and there but amp still look very presentable. Original remote and copy of manual will be included. This is a hefty integrated amp so care is necessary when moving this integrated amp around.