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If you want to merge your computer audio to your current audio system and your DAC doesn’t have a USB input, this is the “bridge” to merge it. The uLink has a USB input and two digital outputs – SPDIF and ST Fiber. So you would place this between your computer/laptop and DAC and run the USB output from your computer to the uLink and from there, either through ST Fiber or SPDIF into your DAC. Included is a BNC/RCA adapter cable which you can readily hook up into your DAC. The USB port is also where the uLink powers itself up so there is no other power cord/connection needed. Internally, the uLink doesn’t just convert the signal but also re-clocks the signal to reduce jitter and noise. This enhances the purity of the signal flow into your DAC and thus improving its overall sound and presentation.

This unit was purchased brand new but previous owner never got round to setting it up or using it. As you can see from the pics, it is still in its plastic bag. We have the original box and manual.