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This is the GEN II version (the upgrade cost $1,400 and involves substantial internal changes which you can read in greater detail on Six Moons) of the original eVo6 (itself a highly rated amp). With 120W on tap at 8 ohms and 240W in 4 ohms, it can be boosted to 360W and 600W respectively if you jumper each of the two channels into one, making it a three channel amp. The amplification may be digital in nature but we would never have guess it because it sounded so warm, tight, detailed…musical. And that was all it needed to do to convince us its reputation among reviewers and users were correctly held in the highest esteem. If you need an amp with power, this has it. If you want an amp that sounded as good as any amp costing up to $6,000, this is it. Aesthetically pleasing (looks way better than the earlier eVo) and offering XLR and RCA input, there is really nothing to fault on this amp. For under $2,000 now, this is a bargain for the audiophile who wants to own one of the best sounding mid-fi amp out there.

Cosmetically, the amp is in nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.