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Not to long ago, the REF500M like its many other “compact” components within the series were groundbreaking products in what a “compact” system can be capable off. The REF500M amps were the next best thing you can get after the REF1000Ms and for most users, its 500W per channel were more than sufficient to drive any speakers. It had a very neutral and transparent demeanor but yet was capable of reproducing a very energetic sound when taking its cue from the source unit you are using. Background was as black as can be and was the near perfect clean backdrop to put forth the music signals that was going through it. Some may find its uncolored nature too “clean” but if you have a good source unit, top notch preamp and first rate speakers, than the REF500M will do your system proud by reproducing music without adding any of its own sonic signature to it. These are a pair of amps with good clean power and deep reserves to drive almost any speakers.

Cosmetically, the amps are in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them into two separate boxes (like how they are packed from Bel Canto) for safe shipping.