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The DAC3 is one fully packed unit. Not only is it a DAC, it is also a digital preamp for up to five digital sources. A switch on the back allows you to switch between fixed and variable output where you can hook the DAC3 directly to an amp and negate the use of a preamp. This is all good because it allows you to keep the system simple and just enjoy the Bel Canto at the forefront of your system. The DAC3 has a fairly neutral sound but detailed with a good does of resolution with all genre of music. So if you currently have a “colored” system, it might take a bit of getting use to. But if you want a clean sounding DAC that is superbly built, have lots of digital inputs and RCA and XLR outputs and its not going to break your bank, this is an excellent choice.

Cosmetically, the DAC3 is in nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The “VOL +” tab on the remote is ripped (just the surface skin) but works fines. We have the original box and manual.