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We were very impressed with Bel Canto’s CD2 a while back when we had it in our store. With the CD3t transport, it is equal to the CD2’s task of being a CD transport but with a less “fanciful” transport. In the CD3t, it adopted a front loading slot mechanism and took out its digital to analog stage so it is strictly a transport only. The display panel remains the same with a minimalist layout.

We had the CD3t paired with a variety of DACs and with each pairing, the result was positive with varying levels of sonic excellence depending on the type of DACs used. As we moved up the level of DACs, the CD3t kept itself relevant. Its only at the highest level (like our dCS Debussy) did it show its “weakness” with other more expensive transports like the Esoteric P-03. But then again, the CD3t was not meant to be match at that level. So if you are looking for a well built, decently priced CD transport, the CD3t should be on your list.

This unit was a former dealer demo unit. Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape with minor scuff marks.We have the original box and remote.