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Model: Debut Gold Standard w/ Graham Gold Phantom B-44 arm Basis Audio >
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The pairing you see here – Basis Audio Debut Gold Standard turntable and Graham Engineering Gold Phantom B-44 tonearm is one of the greatest turntable pairing you can assemble, period. Together, with a top end cartridge (like maybe a Koetsu Rosewood) brings vinyl listening to a whole new level. The synergy between the table, arm and cartridge is almost faultless to a T. Pitch side by side with Esoteric’s P-03/D-03 combo ($25,000 MSRP), the Basis Audio combo beats the Esoteric pairing hands down with its organic sound, lushful mid-range and sweet highs. The bass is not as tightly define as the digital combo but the very naturalness of its bass slam had a certain realism as if you were listening to it live at a concert hall. If precision, absolute black backgrounds and speed is your cup of tea, go for the Esoteric combo. But if you want the feeling of listening to an “organic” performance in your listening room, the Basis Audio turntable will take you there.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Previous owner is a real connoisseur of vinyl and is only letting this go because he went up to a $30,000 turntable. We don’t have the original packaging so local pickup from our store is preferred or if shipping is required, will be shipped strap on a pallet.