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The original VK-5 CD player was a very highly rated CD player. The SE version (seen here), elevated that level even higher. The main changes were the replacement of 6922 tubes with the 6H30 “super tubes”, adding the SIX-PAK output capacitor modules and a bigger toroidal transformer to feed the higher current drawing 6H30 tubes. The result? A meatier mid-range, more dimensional imaging and a wider soundstage. With the right components and speakers, your listening room takes on a whole new stage. Presentation was more organic and wholesome and more “analog” like. Its almost vinyl sounding except that it produced music with a quieter background, sharper details and a smoother mid-range.

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks on the edges of the faceplate and a bit of wear on the brand name on the front. Casing looks like it has been refreshed with just minor marks here and there. We have the original remote, copy of manual and will securely pack this for safe shipping. This is a factory original VK-5SE and not an upgraded VK-5.