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Easily one of the finest sounding tube preamp for under $8,000, the BAT VK-5i is a fully balanced line only preamp. With two independent channel internally, each side has four 6922 tubes and one 5881 tube to provide that emotional pull in the music it reproduces. No surprise then why it drew loads of accolades from Stereophile magazine. We had this paired with the mighty VK-500 dual mono amp with some tremendous dose of top end music production. Especially when they were driving the Focal Alto Utopia speakers. Soundstage was huge with impressive depth and layering. Imaging was spot center and could almost pass off as a live soundstage if you had your eyes closed when listening to the music coming out from this system. When we did an A/B comparison with our resident Audio Research Reference 3 preamp, the VK-5i came very close but at thousand of dollars cheaper, it was a no brainer who won the sound championship.

As you can see from the pictures, the preamp is in really good condition. Remote has some wear on the letterings but otherwise, no major cosmetic issues.  Just the usual minor scuff marks from use. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.