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The MIPA (Mains Independent Power Amplifier) Reference 30 (for 30W output) amp you see here is a reference standard amp that is blazing its own path from other more “mainstream” power amplifiers. Its a two chassis setup where its main power stream are from two huge battery packs that you charge up and have it drive your speakers. This is not a new take on battery powered amps but where Audio Consulting differs from the rest is its huge power reserve and its starkingly clean, transparent sound that is almost devoid of any sonic signature. The MIPA Reference 30 is like the Tesla super car in a field of gas powered super cars. Paired with the right pair of speakers and we are not just talking about the music emanating from disappearing speakers but rather a presentation that is like the holy grail of music(in our opinion). We had them driving the ultra rare Jadis J-2 speakers that delivered a sonic experience that was so uncommon from our other more “conventional” Wilson WATT Puppys’ and Krell amplification. While the Wilson/Krell combo rock, the Audio Consulting/Jadis combo was refined, pure to the point of whiter than white sound. There was almost no adulteration to the music flowing in and then out to the speakers. Especially when it was paired with Audio Consulting’s own reference standard SWGLA (Single Wire Gain Line Amplifier) preamp. That preamp is also battery powered so you can just imagine how dead quite this combo was. And we are not even talking about how black the background is because there isn’t any. It is just like a void, an empty space until the music seeps in to place. Truly amazing stuff.

We have been using the Audio Consulting on average about 7-9 hours a week and the last time we had them charged was almost three weeks prior. Based on what we gather from the manufacturer, the amps will have enough “juice” to last three, if not more, months if your weekly use is around 7-9 hours. Of course the volume level you listen to does impact on this so we would recommend charging them up at the end of each month. This is the only time where you would have the AC/DC chargers plugged in. Once the amp is charged, you would pull out the charging cables and the amps are ready to be used. Audio Consulting only makes their gears in 230V so units that are sold here in the US (like this one) comes supplied with voltage converters, battery chargers and a power strip for the two AC/DC chargers to be plugged into. These are all provided for by Audio Consulting. When the amp is at near full capacity, the digital display on the front will show a number reading of around 12.85. When it gets down to around 11, that is when you start charging it back up. A key note to take note off is when turning on the amp, you would switch it from “off” (the left position) to “standby” (the middle position) and after a pause of a few seconds turn the knob to its right position where the amp comes on.

As you can see from the pictures, the amp is incredible condition, almost like new. One owner from new. We have the original boxes and will securely pack them for safe shipping. They will be shipped in three boxes.