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If the VK-50SE is a bit too rich for your budget, than the VK-32 you see here might just do it for you. It captures all the beautiful essence of tubes in a very affordable package that easily puts it at the top of any shortlist for tube preamps. We liken this over any similarly priced Conrad Johnson preamp for its more vibrant sound, larger than life soundstage and better imaging. Its a tougher call when compared to Audio Research’s Reference One where the Audio Research has a more neutral presentation and less colored sound. When listening to vocals, the VK-32 has a bit more body and color which adds a certain “flavor” to its presentation. Both are wonderful and can sound excellent with the right setup. But only one is the better value buy for the mere fact it costs lesser – the VK-32. Tube complements are six 6922 and two 5881 tubes.

As you can see from the pictures, the VK-32 is in very good condition. Previous owner is an all BAT fan and has owned and still have several top end BAT components in his BAT system. The current designated names on the inputs will be left intact but you can have it renamed to your choosing when you get it. We have the original remote and will have it securely packed for safe shipping. Manual is available online.