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The REX II series of preamp and power amp are the creme de la creme under BAT’s stable of products. If you have the good fortune to assemble this $45,000 setup in your home, you can then proudly proclaim having one of the best pre and power combo for under $50,000 under your roof. Our listing here is for the two chassis REX II preamp that is probably the best example of a 6H30 based tube preamp on the planet. The control module uses eight 6H30 tubes while the power module uses two 5AR4, four 6C19, two 6H30 and two 6C45 tubes. Collectively, they produce one of the most transparent and hypnotic sound you can find in any tube based preamp. Previous owner had them paired with a pair of Plinius SA-103 Class A monoblocks (sold) and driving a pair of Magico M5 speakers. The musical presentation was nothing short of stunning. Loads of dynamic power, depth, scale and frightening precision. Of course, this level of performance (the room acoustic treatment, cables and source units easily touched $200,000) do not come cheap but everyone has to start somewhere and this REX II is a good starting point. Audio Research’s Reference 10 is probably its closest competitor but at $30,000 MSRP, the REX II here is a better bargain with the same two chassis all tube design and a listed $25,000 MSRP which you can now make it yours for under $10,000.

As you can see from the pictures, the REX II is in very good condition. Meticulously well cared by a very fastidious audiophile. We have the original remote, manual and boxes.